Coach Chuck Schneekloth

I feel comfortable coaching: 100m-800m

Experience: 8 years of high school coaching, 1 year of collegiate coaching, 4 years of GSTC coaching, USATF Level 1 & 2 Certified in sprints/jumps/hurdles

Expectations of you: I expect you to communicate with me regularly through the training cycle. I also want to know about your background in the sport, your goals, what has worked in the past, what hasn’t worked in the past for you, and any injury history.

Expectations of me: You will receive a Facebook post that describes the weekly plan.

Coaching Philosophy: I have been heavily influenced by coaching colleagues in California and the USATF Emerging Elite Coaching Clinic in Chula Vista’s Olympic Training Center in 2008. I believe in working all energy systems, including the aerobic system, in two week blocks for sprinters. However, the amount of time dedicated to each system depends on where the microcycle falls inside the larger macrocycle. In other words, the ingredients of the recipe always change with context.

I emphasize fitness over technical work in the off-season, slowly incorporating block work and sprint phase work throughout the competitive season. An extensive warm-up, along with specific bounding and lifting components, are also integral to my coaching philosophy in these events. Unless the athlete is preparing for rounds on a national or international level, my athletes typically have three hard sessions a week, buffered by rest days in between.