Ashenfelter 2021


Race Summary

The GSTC has a long-standing tradition of flexing one final time, as a full squad, at Ashenfelter during Thanksgiving. However, for the first several years of club existence, this "full squad" often just meant dominating the open men and open women team scores - sometimes sweeping the first five or six team spots.

But 2021 was different. The club, closing out its tenth full year, now has a new look: diversity.

As expected, the open men cleaned up with teams finishing 1-2-3-4-7. The open women crushed it as well with teams at 1-3-4-5.

But here's the other results: the M40s teams went 1-2-3, the M50s squads went 1-4, the W40s were 2-3-4-7, and the W50s went 1-9.

Open Men and Women Sweep

The open men were lead by an impressive A Team comprised of Aaron Leskow (24:48), Bradley Kilheeny (25:12), Kyle Price (25:17), Fabian Daza (25:20), and Tim Ball (27:36). Ball was a last-minute stand-in for Duncan Nyasinga who, in an unfortunate turn of events, was stranded at work. The squad averaged 25:39 for its scoring top-five.

The open women broke both a club and association record for the fastest team ever at Ashenfelter, averaging 29:31 despite missing several top runners. The squad of Emily Rosario (28:45), Gianna Tedeschi (28:55), Kelsey Larkin (29:38), Nicole Burlinson (29:45), and Melissa Hidalgo (30:30) teamed up to be the first five-woman squad in NJ history to average sub-30:00. Three GSTC teams came close...but just couldn't get under.

Here are previous GSTC women squads:

  • 2021- Average 29:31
  • 2020- COVID
  • 2019- Average 30:37
  • 2018- Someone "lost" our submitted team lineups (yes, this really happened), and we weren't allowed to resubmit.
  • 2017: Average 30:00
  • 2016: Average 32:23 (a key runner DNS)
  • 2015: Average 32:17
  • 2014: Not a women championship
  • 2013: Average 30:17
  • 2012: Not a women championship
  • 2011: We didn't have a women's team yet

Masters Men and Women Dominate

Despite not having Nysasinga, the M40s won with an impressive 27:27 team average. Lead by Daza's 25:20, Jonathan Frieder (27:45), Mike Anis (27:49), Elliott Frieder (27:52), and Terrance Armstrong (28:30) teamed up for the W. Armstrong, pictured above, was a 4:00 miler in his prime and helped the 40s and 50s squads to team wins.

The M50s crew also won the team title it with a five-man average of 28:30. This included Frieder, Frieder, Armstrong, John Hogan (29:03), and Harold Porcher (29:18).

The W40s and W50s also crushed it with dominating performances. The W50s team - just weeks before finishing 3rd in America at club nationals- averaged 32:30 to take home the win. To be sure, that means three women in their 50s- Hortencia Aliaga (32:09), Kim Aspholm (32:25), and Kathleen Beebe (32:57)- averaged 6:32 pace for five miles. Amazing.

The W40s showed incredible depth with teams going 2-3-4. Leading the silver medal squad was Izzy Gladstone (29:52), Kate Babcock (31:23), and Jen Dimitriadis (32:30).