GSTC Community Outreach

The Garden State Track Club's mission is to serve all runners in New Jersey, and this means reaching out to the greater running community in various ways. We recognize we are fortunate, and we enjoy giving back in any way we can.

  1. Essays 4 Equipment. We collect gently used running equipment from club members, and we donate them to youth runners/teams who request them in writing.
  2. Road Relays/College Ave Mile. Runners receive a discounted entry fee for donating a gently used running item for us to donate to a youth runner/tea in need!
  3. Winter track team support. Many schools in the state have sadly canceled their winter track teams. Not to worry--we can help! We have worked with both Dunellen and Highland Park High Schools thus far, and are open to supporting more schools in need, as well.
  4. Youth mentoring. Many of our post-collegiates work with youth in many ways. Some volunteer coach, others do weekend clinics, and we also enjoy just stopping in at practice for a day to give a short pep talk.
  5. Discounted participation in GSTC events. In 2013, the College Ave Mile had 78 youth runners participate for free! We believe in supporting youth in any ways we can, and enabling access to running events is one way we like to help!

If you are interested in receiving some sort of support for your team, please email us at


The GSTC donated eleven bags of running equipment to Irvington and Columbia High School in 2013


GSTC supporting community youth during the 2013 College Ave Mile