The Garden State Track Club offers numerous benefits to its members. These include:

  1. Daily group runs, track workouts, and weekly long runs
  2. Individualized coaching plans for beginners, recreational runners, and elites alike
  3. Weekly social events and team gatherings
  4. Facebook activity like you've never seen before (ok, maybe this shouldn't be listed as a benefit)
  5. Opportunities to support underserved youth runners through GSTC's "Essays 4 Equipment" charity
  6. $30 per year for club membership dues: most gyms charge more per month!
  7. Access to the Tim Morgan Award (oh, you'll find out soon)
  8. A weekly email that can either be seen as an exciting weekly team update or poorly written spam
  9. A chance to run faster than your wildest dreams!

If you qualify as an Elite Athlete, additional benefits include:

  1. Assistance with racing and training gear
  2. Travel and race fee support
  3. Training with other team elites
  4. Specialized training plans
  5. Opportunities to compete at national caliber meets like Millrose Games, Club Nationals, etc.
  6. Please contact us at with any questions.

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