The Garden State Track Club holds track and field practice three times a week during the indoor and outdoor season. Monday and Wednesday nights are at 5:30pm under the lights, and Saturday mornings are at 10:00am. All sessions are at Highland Park High School in Highland Park.

The club offers two coaches for its two groups: sprinters (100-400) and middle-distance (800-5k). Weekly workouts are provided and both coaches attend all practices and provide members times, feedback, and support.

Most attendees are competitive college or post-collegiate runners. However, the group does include some older masters runners, football players, and high school runners whose schools do not offer track and field. GSTC coaches differentiate workouts based on age, experience, and talent.

The track and field group competes in a full indoor and outdoor collegiate schedule with the club paying for all entry fees.

Any interested runners should contact the club at before attending a practice.