Coach Jim Greer

I enjoy coaching: 1500/mile and all distance events.

Experience: 40 years coaching boys and girls High School Track and Cross Country, the last 25 spent coaching the girls track and cross country teams at Toms River South High School. I have coached all events from 100 Meters to 5000 meters cross country. Since March 2013, I have worked one night a week with the Beach Enclave.

I am comfortable coaching: all track running events.

Coaching Philosophy: I recognize individual differences, as a result, I have always attempted to fashion a training program to meet the individual needs of the runners that I coached. I believe in Jack Daniel’s running philosophy and feel that more is not necessarily better. Although I do realize that some runners require more distance in order to reach their goals. As a high school coach, I divided the year into 4 segments or cycles. Summer- preconditioning for cross country was the first cycle. Cross country, Winter Track, and Spring Track were the other 3 cycles. Each season had a gradual transition into more serious training. Since working with the Beach Enclave, I have had to rethink my 4 cycles in order to meet their needs.

Expectations of runners: I expect regular communication throughout training, I expect to see a weekly training log, I would like to know about your running history and history of running injuries, and I would also like to know your goals for the future and what types of training worked and what didn’t work.

Expectations of me: I will e-mail you a personalized training program each week, I will discuss with you your goals and how we can attain them, and I will be available over e-mail or phone. My number is 732-929-0346.