Coach Erika Meling

Coaching experience: Distance coach and personal trainer

I feel comfortable coaching: men and women, 5k to marathon

I most enjoy coaching: 5k – marathon road racing, cross training (bodyweight, plyometrics, etc)

Experience: 2 years high school and 1 year collegiate XC/track, all distance
BS in Exercise Science & Sport Studies from Rutgers
ACE Certified Personal trainer for 1.5 years
Works at RWJ Fitness Center in NB and Rutgers University Recreation

Expectations of you: what distance you are training for; what are your goals; what your experience with running is; weekly mileage you’re used to; injury history; if you had a coach in the past; what worked/didn’t work for you; communicate with me throughout training

Expectations of me: I’m available through email, phone or text. I’ll email a plan weekly, which would include mileage and workouts. If you ever needed to meet, we can make arrangements.

Coaching philosophy: I don’t believe in “no pain, no gain”. If something hurts, listen to your body and rest when needed. I would advise the amount of weekly mileage based on what event you’re training for and what you are used to. Mileage would be progressive as well. The plans will be individualized – not every runner is the same. If anyone is looking for interval training, such as plyometric or bodyweight strength training, I can provide that as well. Anytime of private one-on-one workouts (track or other training forms) will be charged per session. I live in the New Brunswick/Middlesex County area- I am available to train in this area, as well as Mercer County/Princeton.