GSTC Junior/HS Elite Team

Camryn Wennersten (17:13, Charlotte Bednar (16:25), and Miranda Lorsbach (17:18) after racing a 5k on October 10, 2020.

We believe in the high school track team, the high school track coach, and the high school infrastructure.  For generations, this has been a positive platform for teenagers across the country.  High schoolers thrive under one coach and one team, and we believe in the meaningful connection between a student-athlete and the school.

Bethany Park (Liberty)
JT McMillen (Springfield)
Kaira Brown (Vanderbilt)

However, there are a growing list of reasons why high schoolers would need another team option.  Perhaps the school doesn’t have a track team. Perhaps the student-athlete has other commitments that conflict with traditional practice times.  Maybe the team doesn’t have the right coach or environment to support the student-athlete’s needs.  Maybe the student-athlete is transferring.  Perhaps the family needs more flexibility with training and racing.

Either way, the GSTC Junior/HS Elite squad has been supporting high schoolers in such situations for over a decade.

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Rebecca Ochan (Georgetown)
Josiah Park (West Point)
Elias Quiles