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Welcome and congratulations on joining the best running club this side of the Mississippi! If GSTC had been around in the fifth century BC, Pheidippides would certainly have been a member.

As you know, running, doing workouts, and going to races are more fun with friends. The great thing about GSTC is that you have an instant group of training buddies, friends to motivate you to get out and run, and people who hang out with you at races. Whether you are a sprinter or a marathoner, run 5 minute or 14 minute pace, live in North Jersey or at the beach, we have the group for you.

In addition to running, we like to have fun and give back to the community. Keep an eye out for our social activities and volunteer opportunities. You will be getting a weekly e-mail from the club with updates on all upcoming running and non-running activities. We often have post-run drinks, coffee, brunch, etc., and there are also gatherings like barbecues and beach days. GSTC’s charitable endeavor, Essays for Equipment, provides gently used running gear to low-income youth runners in Newark and Camden. Let us know if you want to get involved!

Below, you will find some information to get you started as a GSTC member.

1. Your Enclave Captain will add you to several Facebook groups: your enclave, the main one, and one for your age/gender division.

A Note on Enclaves  Enclaves are sub-groups within the club that correspond to regions in NJ. You are being added to the Enclave that we think fits your address. You are welcome to join as many enclaves as you wish–maybe you live in one area and work in another so you’d like to run close to work sometimes. Whatever the reason, if you want to get updates from an Enclave about group runs and other activities, just ask and we’ll add you to that Facebook group. See the end of this e-mail for a full list of Enclaves.

2. Your age/gender division captain organizes teams to compete for the club at races. Your captain will be in touch with you about racing for the club. (Racing with the club is not required, but it is a lot of fun and we hope you will join us. Runners of all paces are welcome and encouraged to participate!)

3. Now that you’re in the club, you probably want to get some cool gear. Fortunately, we’ve got all of your black and gold apparel needs covered! To purchase a uniform for races, contact Joe Jacobs at Sneaker Factory, Florham Park (phone: 973-520-8455; e-mail: Most club members get the singlet; shorts, warm-up pants, and warm-up jackets also are available. Other GSTC-themed items (sweatshirts, tech tees, hats, etc.) can be purchased here:

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone on the club. Our one piece of advice for a new member: attend a club run or event sooner than later! The sooner you meet some of your new teammates, the sooner you will feel a new sense of inspiration and excitement in your running!

See you soon,

Your new running family