Frequent Asked Questions

Welcome to the Garden State Track Club general membership page. You’re here because you’re interested in joining the coolest running club on the East Coast. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand how our club works.  If you have any further questions, please email us at




Q: What types of people join the club?

A: We have over one thousand members on the team.  They range from old to young, slow to fast, big to small.  The 5k times span from 13:33 to 33:33.


Q: What are some of the perks to joining the GSTC?

A: We have twelve regional training groups, or “enclaves”, that will be made available to you.  We offer a seasonal training plan, access to our Facebook communities, opportunities to train and race with our club, a regular club email, and invitations to social gatherings, team runs, and team events.  Lifelong friends, spouses, and job networking all seem to happen, as well.




Q: How does the coaching work?

A: Our coaching staff writes a training schedule for all dues-paying members around the team’s racing schedule.  Or, you may select one of the coaches on our staff for more individualized, one-on-one coaching for $50/month.  You can do that in our yearly dues form.


Q: What are the expectations of club members?

A: We encourage everyone to participate in enclave runs, attend team races and events, wear our uniform, and contribute to online discussions.  However, we recognize adults have complicated lives with work and family, so members get as involved as their schedules allow.


Q: Can I join the club’s Facebook groups first?  Can I post about a race I’m putting on?

A: Our Leadership Team (LT) has agreed that the FB groups are for dues-paying members only.  And, the groups are strictly for team communication–not for advertisements or promotional purposes. Sorry.


Q: How do the enclaves work?

A: Training enclaves are regional groups that run together.  We have twelve of them throughout the tri-state area.  Upon joining the club, you may have access to whichever enclaves you’d like. Since some people work, live, and travel to different parts of the tri-state, they often ask to be in multiple enclave Facebook group pages.


Q: Okay, I’m sold.  How does it work once I pay my dues and join the club?

A: Fill out our team form here!  Once you join, we will introduce you to various team leaders who will help you integrate into the club.  They will put you in Enclave Group Pages and introduce you to the team.  We will also ask you what team races you’d like to do, if any, and then you go from there.


Q: Wait, wait… Do I need to be fast? Young?   

A: Not at all.  We have runners of all shapes and sizes and abilities.  Our Steady Strider group is perfect if you’re running 10-13 minute miles.  And our masters team is for anyone age forty and over.  Not to worry!  There is something for everyone.




Q: How do I get a uniform and stuff?

A: When you sign up, there will be options to pay for dues, uniform, coaching, etc.  If you want any team swag in addition to the uniform, please go here.


Q: How is the team organized and managed?

A: The GSTC Leadership Team has thirty members who make decisions for the club’s best interests. There are smaller committees that handle various projects and events, but all decisions are done by a democratic vote.


Q: I’m pretty busy on the weekdays. What happens on weekends?

A. There are always enclave runs on the weekends, and we always have a team run on Sunday in a rotating location in NJ.  Many use it as their long run, and we often go out to eat afterward!