Joining the Garden State Track Club means joining NJ’s largest community of active, like-minded people of all ages, abilities, and running experience. We offer ten training enclaves throughout the tri-state area to support the needs of any runner in any part of the state. Once joining the team, you will be placed in contact with both the enclave captain and the Facebook Enclave Group page.

Select an Enclave to learn more.

The North Enclave is one of the biggest enclaves of the club, stretching through Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex Counties. Runs start from the Ridgewood Duck Pond, Fleet Feet Monclair, Pompton lakes, Garrett Mountain, and Saddle River Park.

The Wild West Enclave meets often at the Columbia Trail, but usually they keep their cowboy hats and boots at home.  While a bit distant from the rest of the state, this enclave may have the most scenic runs of any!

The club headquarters is New Brunswick. Thanks to a high population of involved Rutgers community, this is also where many team meetings, team races, and team runs happen. The tow path, Six Mile Reservation, and Johnson Park are group favorites.

This group takes great pride in being one of the team's strongest and biggest enclaves, and most likely the smartest, too. They meet all around the Princeton and Mercer County and often grab dinner after their enclave runs.