Meet Our Coaching Staff


We have coaches from all over the tri-state area with different coaching backgrounds and different areas of expertise. All dues-paying members have access to our entire staff, regardless of ability, experience, or geography.


Upon joining, you will be placed on the club’s email list and appropriate Facebook group pages.  In addition, our coaching staff will provide you with a training plan for the USATF-NJ Grand Prix racing schedule that the aGSTC follows year-round.  Sprinters and middle distance track athletes will also be provided a weekly training plan during the indoor and outdoor seasons.


If interested in training for a different event, like a half or full marathon, or if you simply want a coach who's local or who will provide more individualized attention, browse through the bios below.  If you’d like one to personally coach you, the cost is $50 for the first month; you can do this on our “Sign Up Here” page.  After the first month, you and your coach may negotiate appropriately.


Any coach interested in working with aGSTC athletes should email us at We are always looking for great coaches who would fit well with our club's membership and vision.