Female Road Performance of the Year: Cheyenne Ogletree
Funniest Track Moment of the Year: Tim Morgan, Chris Schneider
Facebook Award: Stanton Sisters
Male Cross Country Performance of the Year: Ken Goglas
Male Road Performance of the Year: Tom Poland
Diplomat of the Year Award: Tony Harris
Rutgers Athlete of the Year: Dan Teichmann
Best Facial Hair Award: Mike Gurzo
Masters Runner of the Year: Jeremy Stratton
Smarty Pants of the Year: Dr. Prudence Jones
Storyteller of the Year: Mike Anis
Best Costume of the Year: Kyle Price
Male Sprinter of the Year: Mike Brito
Female Sprinter of the Year: Asia Washington
Best Nickname of the Year: Arvid "Flying Hawaiian" Pansanjan
Tim Morgan Award, Year: Chuck Schneekloth
Tim Morgan Award, One Event: Zak Martins
Recruiter of the Year: Meghan DeCarlo
Most Likely to Be Seen at a GSTC Event: Edsel Flores
Breakthrough Season of the Year: Alyssa Douma, Stephen Mennitt
Quote of the Year: Adin Mickle, Steve Bonica, Ken Walsh, Mark Parisen
Most Likely to Have a Breakout Season in 2013 (male): Andrew Capizzi
Most Likely to Have a Breakout Season in 2013 (female): Kristin Cupido
GSTC Couple Most Likely to be Caught Dancing and Playing Air Guitar to Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer" in Their Living Room on the Weekend: Rob & Meghan DeCarlo
Best Dressed of the Evening Award: Sara Douma
GSTC Golden Awards: Cathy Stutzman, Dan Teichmann, Tony Harris